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What is Guided Reading?

Hello welcome to, "What is Guided Reading?". I am sure you have heard about many various reading techniques for teaching our students how to decipher print and become better readers and writers. You are probably wondering, what is so fantastic about Guided Reading? Guided Reading is a strategy, which involves the teacher working with small groups of homogeneous students. The groups are ever changing. The teacher continuously monitors and evaluates the individual student's level of comprehending and reading ability. She does this through various assessment techniques including running records. Through this program the students are immersed in reading and writing by both trade books and literature books. The most beneficial aspect of the Guided Reading program is that the students are continually moved up or given extra help in developing their reading skills. By working with small groups, the teacher is able to individualize instruction. She can now meet the needs of all of her students. I have seen the benefits of a Guided Reading program in action. I hope you will take time to learn more about this dynamic process in helping our children to become better readers and writers!

Want to find out more?

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